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While Eva's World may be well known for selling children's clothes, we also stock a fabulous range of adult clothing. All of the brands we sell on Eva's World are passionate about planet-friendly causes and boast the eco-credentials to prove it! In this blog post, we share some of our favourite ethical and sustainable women's clothing brands that produce gorgeous clothes while caring for our planet.

1. Sugarhill Brighton

Ethics | Charity partnerships, sustainable fabrics, recycled & biodegradable packaging, ethical production methods.
Product Range | Adult apparel including t-shirts, sweatshirts, jumpsuits & dresses.
Sizes | UK8 - UK 18

Sugarhill Brighton clothes are rich in detail offering high quality, lovingly designed clothing at affordable, high street prices. They focus on exclusively designed prints, intarsia and embellished garments inspired by classic styles. By adding modern twists and finishes they create a look, which is feminine but unfussy and most importantly fun. 

Sugarhill Brighton is a small business and they plan to keep it that way, as it allows them to produce their collections in an ethical and sustainable way, and share their profits with their charity partners. They keep their productions small so there's less waste and make fewer styles than many brands, so they can focus on the quality and distinctive design of each piece.

Shop our Sugarhill Brighton range here.

2. Harkel

Ethics | Vegan-friendly, organic, fully sustainable, approved by PETA and The Fair Wear Foundation.
Product Range | Adult apparel including hoodies, sweatshirts, short sleeve tops nightdresses and bags.
Sizes | UK8 - UK20

Discover fun, bold and unique styles from Harkel Clothing, a vegan-friendly, organic and fully sustainable womenswear brand. Harkel specialises in creating uplifting, colourful and creative pieces that empower women and promote a bolder, more colourful world.

In 2020 Harkel decided to make the shift to sustainability. As of right now, every piece they make is not only ethical, organic, and vegan-friendly, but approved by PETA and The Fair Wear Foundation. Basically, they have future-proofed their products so you’ll never have to worry about the origins of your Harkel outfit.

Shop our Harkel range here.

3. Run & Fly

Ethics | Low waste, sustainable, environmentally conscious, no mass production, pay is above the living wage, offcuts are gifted to a local primary school for their art projects.
Product Range | Adult apparel including dresses, skirts, tops and dungarees.
Sizes | XXS - XXL

Run & Fly are a quirky and fun British brand based in Leicester, UK that produces retro, cute and colourful clothing to make your wardrobe POP! They strive to make sure all of their clothing is made in an ethical and long-lasting way.  

They make all of their products in small factories in the UK, Turkey and India. They do regular checks and only make their items in small batches to limit waste with nothing ever going to landfill. Run & Fly are as sustainable and as environmentally conscious as they can be but are always working to improve.

Shop our Run & Fly range here.

4. DUNS Sweden

Ethics | 100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton and production, sustainable, all employees have a salary that exceeds the living wage.
Product Range | Adult apparel including trousers, tops, t-shirts and dresses.
Sizes | XXS - XXL

DUNS Sweden offers organic, unique, colourful and unisex clothes that feature bright and fun prints. Designed for those who love colour, all of the clothing from DUNS Sweden is responsibly made using 100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton.

DUNS Sweden are always completely transparent concerning their production and working conditions. They produce all garments in production facilities in India certified by GOTS and controlled by Control Union. All employees have a salary that exceeds the Living Wage for India with approximately 20%. Overtime is also paid and is voluntary.

Shop our DUNS Sweden range here.

5. Maxomorra

Ethics | 100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton and production, they use non-toxic colours and dyes, provide decent working conditions, and pay fair wages.
Product Range | Adult apparel including long sleeve tops and short sleeve t-shirts.
Sizes | XS - XL

At Maxomorra, they believe in making the world a little more colourful, fun and kind. In fact, they especially care about kindness - being kind to the planet, our surroundings, and all the wonderful people they are working with.

Maxomorra has been a GOTS certified brand since 2012. All sides of sustainability are taken into account for the entire textile supply chain considering the highest ecological and social standards. In order to be GOTS certified, they've had to get a tick in all kinds of different sustainability boxes, such as working with organic materials, using non-toxic colours and dyes, providing decent working conditions, and paying fair wages. 

Shop our Maxomorra range here.