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It's the end of January and many of you breathe a sigh of relief. For us, it's been a CRAZY month and I'd personally like an extra two weeks of January to get stuff done!

Me (Christina) what shall I do?! 

I decided to take time off over Christmas and Kirsty had 2 weeks off to spend with her 3 little people too. I turned 39 years old on the 2nd of January and ever since then my body decided to say f@*k you, I'm going to render you pretty useless for the coming weeks……..

I stupidly said out loud "I never get coughs and colds, I can be in the house surrounded by everyone with them and I'm OK." Boom, thank you very much for that awful cough/cold. I also took it on a trip to Amsterdam with 13 amazing business ladies, so my germs were well travelled at least!! The trip was amazing and I've fallen in love with Amsterdam. Have you been?

Back in the UK after my short trip away to a mountain of work and new stock arriving whilst still trying to get some sale stock out of the door to make room. Our space in Plymouth is literally bursting at the seams ha ha! So back to it and really up against it, then the germs hit again!!! Waaaaah, give me a break. A sickness bug hit our household and wiped all 4 of us out.

Mounds of washing, no energy, sick children, sick adults, sick, sick and more sick!!

Me and Eva, my inspiration for starting the business 8 years ago.

All this whilst trying to push forward with a business that needs constant work and input. I've found it extremely hard and reached a point last week where I was tossing and turning at night until 3am. I could not sleep, thinking about the business, the work that needed to be done, the sales that needed to me made, the new stock that need to be received, sorted, marketed.

I decided I was going to shut the business, I saw no other option. I was physically and emotionally done in! My girls don't sleep and I play musical beds every night. Now you may think this sounds like a more relaxing version of musical bumps but it's far from it. I never wake up in the bed I went to sleep in and it's like my pillow is programmed to my girls brains because as soon as my head hits it, one of them wakes up.

Don't get me wrong, I love my girls, obviously I love them but PLEASE girls, just keep the games to birthday parties and LET ME SLEEP!!!

My other sleep thief, Be, giving me one her her famous squishes!!

Trying to run a business when you're running on empty is hard, I know lots of you will understand this, whether you run businesses or not we are all juggling and sometimes we drop some balls!! We've made mistakes with some orders and have been totally overwhelmed this month. We have tried to maintain our usual level of service but it's not been where I would like it to be. I don't like letting people down or doing things half heartedly so changes HAVE to be made.

I've done some proper leg work this week to work out what changes need to happen if I want to continue to run the business (without ending up sat in a corner, rocking backwards and forwards).  

I have a plan and I'm confident it will work. I'd love your support to keep us going and help us get to where we need to be. I love corners and "nobody puts baby in a corner" is one of my favourite lines in a movie but I don't want to be rocking in one 😂

So.....  if you think you'd like to help us, here are a few things you can do.... 
(I know you all support us so much any way and am forever thankful for that)

  • Like, love, comment, share any posts you see of ours on social media. 
  • Join our Facebook group, follow our page and follow us on Instagram
  • Talk to people about organic clothing, yes we love how they look but lets not lose the real ethics behind these brands
  • Share your post when you receive your goodies from us, when there are 500 orders going out the door we only hear about the one with an issue but would love to hear about the other 499 that are perfect and you love!
  • Share your outfit of the days, what are you and you littles wearing? #weloveevasworld and #ootd and we will pick a fave every so often to give a little voucher too
  • Tell your friends about us, either online or in person
  • Buy when you can, we will appreciate every single order
  • Why not create a wishlist and share it before birthdays and Christmas for others to get you or little ones gifts

Our commitment to you.....

  • We will get a new, more user-friendly website 
  • We will continue to offer the best customer service we can and put processes in place to ensure stock is completely up to date and available to you
  • We will add a loyalty scheme to our new website
  • We will continue to offer FREE postage
  • We will bring you current information about organic clothing and the industry as a whole and how together we can make changes to help the planet
  • We will be us, the real us and be present and real for you, warts and all
  • We will be forever thankful for your support and appreciate every single thing you do for us
  • We will continue to champion organic clothing and sustainable fashion

And if you have read this far then go and pour a bloody Gin as a 'Well Done'!!!